Metehan Demir, Ankara Representative of Hürriyet Newspaper: ‘Abdullah Gül called the military to account for April 27th.’

18 Mayıs 2012, Cuma / ,
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Completing his 18th year in journalism, Metehan Demir is one of the remarkable figures of Ankara journalism. In addition to the news he made in February 28th period, he put his signature under a lot of important news such as announcing Abdullah Öcalan’s flight to Syria and the news including Syrian Deputy President Abdülhalim Haddam’s explaining the background of this flight. Leaving 42 years of his life behind, Demir attended at the ‘Konuşan Türkiye (Talking Turkey)’ program of Best FM and delivered his comments. He is fingering on the pulse of politics together with Bilal Çetin at the ‘Parametre (Parameter)’ program which has been broadcasted by CNN Türk for a while. Other than these duties, the news bringing him most forward was without any doubt announcing the ‘Declaration of April 27th’ to the public before every one else. His making the following statements during an interview made 3 months after the declaration didn’t appeal to the chief of general staff of the time at all. “Abdullah Gül and soldiers came together and talked about this issue, because the problem is caused by not talking face to face. As you know, the content of the meetings made by the Prime Minister Erdoğan and the chief of general staff Büyükanıt at Dolmabahçe palace has always been a matter of curiosity. I think there have been secret visits between Gül and soldiers also in Ankara in recent times.” General Staff denied Demir’s this claim with a very harsh way by stating: “The mentioned news is not wrong, it is a lie. Those making false news are misleading the public and serving for certain purposes by knocking the general staff out.” Five years have passed so far. Working as Ankara Representative of Hürriyet Newspaper for 3 years, Metehan Demir told the issue which he didn’t handle at that time in detail because of protocol rules and the unknown facts about 27th April night to Cihan Media News Magazine. Now, it’s time for Metehan Demir to talk!..

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